WLGA Digital Conference Recording

WLGA Digital Conference Recording

On Thursday 20 January we held the first digital conference for Welsh local government. We had fantastic attendance with over 80 people tuning into the morning sessions, so thank you to everyone who attended. Here’s the Vimeo link to watch it.

Prof. Tom Crick (Twitter) from Swansea University kicked off the day with his session on data and starting with a problem, discussing the possibilities in a post-Covid world of resetting to deliver more integrated digital services that work for users and not just organisations.

Heledd Quaeck (Twitter) talked to us about designing good bilingual services and the work she is doing at Natural Resources Wales to ensure the services and content meet the user need.

Sam Hall (Twitter) discussed the importance of culture to digital work, and the guiding principles that form a positive culture. She also took stock of the existing culture she’s experienced during her first year as CDO.

Peter Thomas (Twitter) from CDPS showed the work he is doing to scale digital expertise across public services and build the skills and capability to help the public sector digitally transform.

Cllr Jane Mudd (Twitter), the leader of Newport City Council, joined us to close our session and reflect on the work we’ve done and the direction that WLGA and digital is going in Wales.

There were opportunities throughout the day to ask questions and we’re still working to get all of the unanswered questions answered. We’ll include a link here to these once we’ve got them confirmed.

Thank you to our brilliant speakers, to everyone who attended, and don’t forget – if you liked the session and want to attend more of our events you can subscribe here to hear about upcoming sessions.

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