Life Events Service Design: Easy to Find Sprint 1 Show and Tell

Life Events Service Design: Easy to Find Sprint 1 Show and Tell

On Thursday 10 November we held our latest show and tell session for the Life Events Service Design project. In the session we gave an update on what we have achieved in Sprint 1 of the Easy to Find workstream within our Alpha phase of the project. We also covered what we are planning to cover in the next sprint. If you couldn’t attend and want to catch up, a recording of the session is available.

Our goal for this sprint was: Devise plan for the user research activities, obtain greater understanding of current content offerings and establish collaboration opportunities

Pleased to say that we have totally achieved our goal with a new round of user research planned and in progress, a content critique of the Carmarthenshire ‘Claims What’s Yours’ website underway, business analysis of ‘To Be’ models started that are looking at existing services and finally we have joined forces with CDPS to jointly run a content design workshop on Cost of Living web pages.

We have held two of our new Steering Group meetings within the sprint and these have been very helpful in providing further information from across councils and public sector on work going on to support citizens with the cost of living. The group have also given us help in shaping some ideas we had for work to take forward and subject matter to conduct further research on. We have taken away several themes to base our new round of user research on and give our content designer and user experience team members ideas to consider for their analysis of existing web pages.

There will be a content design workshop for Cost of Living web pages on 17th November and we have been collaborating with CDPS to make this a joint event. CDPS and WLGA Digital have reached out to numerous contacts across local authorities, 3rd sector organisations and other public sector bodies to invite them to the event and take up has been impressive with representatives from all areas and councils signing up to attend. The team have been preparing content for the day long event. We will report back on this afterwards within our next Show and Tell, but also in a separate blog post.

Our next Show and Tell will report back on the user research findings, content critiques we are doing, the Cost of Living workshop and any further feedback from our Steering Group. The next Show and Tell will be on Thursday 15 December. If you have attended previous sessions we’ll include you on the invite. Otherwise, email the team at to be added, or for any questions and comments.

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