Life Events Service Design: Easy to Find Sprint 2 Show and Tell

Life Events Service Design: Easy to Find Sprint 2 Show and Tell

On Thursday 15 December we held our latest show and tell session for the Life Events Service Design project. In the session we gave an update on what we have achieved in Sprint 2 of the Easy to Find workstream within our Alpha phase of the project. We also covered what we are planning to cover in the next Sprint. If you couldn’t attend and want to catch up, a recording of the session is available.

Our Goal for this Sprint was:

  • Complete User Research and its analysis to have understanding of the challenges citizens face. 
  • Highlight design issues from Crit with Carmarthenshire. 
  • Obtain value from our collaboration for Cost of Living Design workshop.

Pleased to say that we achieved our Goal with the new round of User Research completed and analysed, with some good insight gained from it. A copy of the findings was sent to all invitees for the Show and Tell along with a copy of the slides which summarised the findings.

We fed back at a high level the work we did with Carmarthenshire looking at their Claim What’s Yours web site and the process a citizen goes through to raise a request for help with an advisor. Some recommendations on content design were fed back to the council.

We also covered the Cost of Living Design Workshop that was held on 17th November. This was a good day with a very good turnout, all Welsh councils were represented along with Welsh Government and Citizens Advice. Research findings and insight into content were shared.  Breakout sessions were held to do mini service critiques, which participants found useful. The afternoon session looked at 3 themes and participants shared their experiences and ideas. Many people attending took away some useful knowledge and tips which I know in some instances are being adopted and worked on in their respective council. Looking ahead we hope to do more collaborative sessions with CDPS and Welsh councils to build on this initial workshop.

Finally, the Team shared news of some new activities we will be taking forward in January. One working with Pembrokeshire Council to help design and promote their Cost of Living page. Another to work on a product that can be used to promote services via mobile web, web, social media and non digital advertising. Lastly looking to do a deep content critique with another council on their cost of living page following some modifications they have done based on ideas they picked up at the Cost of Living Workshop.

With new activities starting in the new year, we will be approaching our future Show and Tells differently, looking to focus them on the specific workstreams we are working on with councils and do them jointly with those councils.  We want to cover outputs we have produced, but also explain how we obtained them. Details of these events will be published in due course once we’ve spoken further with the councils involved. In the meantime should anyone want to contact the Team about work we have done, or work we might be interested in, then please contact us at

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