Life Events Service Design Show and Tell

Life Events Service Design Show and Tell

We held our first show and tell for the Life Events Service Design Project last week and we’ve recorded the session for you to catch up on if you missed it.

During the excitement of the session, we missed two of our slides about the solution we’re testing so we’ve included a roundup of them below.

Our next show and tell is on Thurs 4 August at 11am, and if you attended the previous one, we’ll include you on the invite for this one. Otherwise, sign up here and we’ll add you to the invite. If you’ve got any questions, we’d love to hear from you: email

The solution we are testing at Alpha: Library of Services

Our solution is a library of front-end services with production-ready code that all 22 local authorities can access and adopt. 

The services will be designed with components, patterns, and styles in the Gov.UK Design System. Each service will also include content created following content design best practices. Every service within the library will be tested with citizens.  

Each screen within the services will link to production-ready code and deployment guidance so local authorities can pick it up and implement it.

What discovery problems will it solve?

During the Discovery phase of the project, we identified the following three key problems:

  1. Inaccessible services
  2. Citizens have difficulty establishing what services are available to them when they encounter a life event
  3. Citizens are confused about what to expect and don’t understand processes after applying for services

The Library of Services idea will solve problem 1. Also, it will help to solve problems 2 and 3. 

What is the value of the Library of Services?

  • Consistency in services across local authorities in Wales. Our research has highlighted that citizens want local authority services to be consistent. Over time, local authorities will be accessing and using the same front-end designs, which will offer citizens familiarity with the services wherever they live. 
  • A centralised team designing front-end services once for all 22 local authorities. This will go some way to alleviating the ’22 things 22 different times’ complaints which we regularly hear from local authorities in Wales.  
  • Best-in-class front-end services. Local authorities will have access to best-in-class front-end services without needing their own multidisciplinary DDaT team. 

What we need to test in Alpha to see if we will develop this idea in the Beta phase

  • Is there an appetite from local authorities to have a library of front-end services that they can access and use?
  • What would our team need to look like to deliver this solution?
  • How will the solution be financed?
  • Can we, as a team, produce front-end services that are better for citizens than what they currently use?

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