Life Events Service Design: Sprint 4 Show and Tell

Life Events Service Design: Sprint 4 Show and Tell

On Thursday 8 September we held our latest show and tell session for the Life Events Service Design project. In the session we gave an update on what we have achieved in sprint 4 of the alpha phase of the project, and what we are planning to cover in the next sprint. If you couldn’t attend and want to catch up, a recording of the session is available. 

The main focus was to wrap up the work we have done on the Council Tax Reduction service prototype, with a few content/design changes made following user feedback and to finalise the user research analysis we had done on it. The user research feedback was very positive. In terms of the test we set ourselves to see if we could design a service that was better for citizens than what they currently use, that has been proved convincingly. The prototype has now been baselined and for our next step we wish to work with one or more council/s to implement the prototype into a live environment. This will help inform our wider aim of testing the feasibility of providing a library of services for councils to use.

We have spoken to two councils so far, Cardiff and Caerphilly. Caerphilly is interested in taking forward the Council Tax Reduction prototype, and we have arranged a full demo for them on 12th September. We are also open to taking the same user centred design approach with another service and we’ll be exploring that with Cardiff in due course.  However, at the Show and Tell we have made the offer to any of the 22 councils in Wales to work with us on either the Council Tax Reduction prototype, or another service if this is more suitable for them.

We are urging all councils to consider this and we hope that some will want to take up this offer.  As a project this is the best way to fully test the viability of the library of services idea and to also provide us with hands-on experience of implementing a revised service. This experience will allow us to publish guidance and advice all councils can learn from should they want to create user centred design based services themselves.

We had interest following the Show and Tell from Carmarthenshire and we’ll be speaking to them more in due course. But the wider offer to any council stands, so if you are interested then do please get in touch with us by emailing the Digital Team at

For the next sprint the project team will also be looking at other outputs from the discovery, with a view to select another workstream to progress as part of our alpha phase.

The next show and tell will be on October 11th 2022, and if you’ve attended previous sessions, we’ll include you on the invite. Otherwise, email the team at to be added to the invite, or for any questions and comments.

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