Food Poverty User Research Show and Tell

Food Poverty User Research Show and Tell

On Tuesday 28 June we held a show and tell where Chris, one of our user researchers, showed our Food Poverty Data Project Discovery research findings from interviewing citizens in poverty.

The research involved 9 interviews with citizens living in poverty to understand their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The research findings highlight a range of areas that need to be addressed to help vulnerable citizens going forward.

We’ve recorded the session for anyone to watch, and here’s a link to the slide deck. There is an audio file which was played during the session but isn’t audible on the recording – the transcription of this file is below.

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Audio File Transcription:

“I think, I think organisations need to understand that, you know, people out there do need help, but they don’t necessarily want to come forward.

And not everybody has the capacity or the, you know, the gumption or the access to things like the internet to actually look for organisations that can help and I think, you know, organisations should make it easy to access their services.

And again, you know, not everybody knows what’s available, not everybody knows what you’re entitled to.

And, I think, I know it’s a big thing, isn’t it? Because you’re trying to encompass everybody. And it is difficult, but I think organisations should make it a little bit clearer.

Certainly government organisations should, they don’t tell you what you’re entitled to. And I think that’s, that’s a big thing. And they’re assuming that everybody’s got transport. They’re assuming everybody’s got internet connection. And it’s, yeah, I think I’d like to see councils invest more money on understanding what the issues are and actually tackling them.”

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