Merthyr Food Poverty Project: Sprint 3 Show and Tell

Merthyr Food Poverty Project: Sprint 3 Show and Tell

We are currently in the alpha phase of the Merthyr Food Poverty Project, and are holding regular show and tell sessions as part of our commitment to working in the open. The recording for the Sprint 3 show and tell session is now available, if you couldn’t make the session and want to catch up, or want to share it with other people in your team.

Background to the project

The question we are seeking to address

How can a better understanding and use of data help Merthyr council deliver targeted early intervention that reduces the likelihood of citizens falling into food poverty?

Activities so far

Our findings at discovery showed that information relating to individual citizens is located across many council and partner systems with access often kept within specific teams.

The aim of this alpha is to solve the issue of officers not being aware of a recent change in circumstance that places a citizen at increased risk of crisis, even though the change is available somewhere on a council system.

The idea is that by having access to timely supplementary information officers will have a fuller picture of what is happening, putting them in a stronger position to make targeted early interventions.

What’s next

We will continue to share updates on the project through future blog posts and show and tells, and you can sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest announcements.

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