Terms of Reference for our Community of Practice

Terms of Reference for our Community of Practice

The latest Content Design Community of Practice meetup took place at the end of January, when we discussed standards, principles and guidelines that can help ensure quality user-centred content. We also took some time to review the Terms of Reference document so we have a shared understanding of what the community is about and who it is for.

Terms of Reference

A Terms of Reference document clearly explains the purpose and goals of a Community of Practice, and how the community will be run. It’s important to have an agreed definition of these things so that people can understand if the Community of Practice is something they should get involved with and also helps keep discussions and activities on track to make sure the community is valuable for members.

We are sharing the Terms of Reference here so that members of the Content Design Community of Practice who weren’t able to attend the last session can review and feed back, to make this a truly community-led document. It also provides potential members with a quick overview of who we are and what we do in the community.

Our Terms of Reference covers a number of areas including:

  • The community name (importantly!): Content Design in Welsh Local Government.
  • Who are members are: to help people work out if they’ll benefit from joining.
  • Our purpose: setting the mission and vision for the community.
  • Goals: as a new Community of Practice we haven’t set strict metrics-based outcomes, but having an idea of what we want to achieve will help define our future programme.
  • How the community will be managed: including how and when we communicate, and the responsibilities of the WLGA Digital team and members.
  • Values: clear guidelines to make sure the community remains a safe space to discuss issues.
  • Review date: this is a living document so we will continually adjust as needed, but having a clear date for review will allow us to see what we’ve achieved and define what we want to do next.

You can view the full document online.

Training reminder

We also took some time in our meet-up to remind people about our upcoming content design workshop for senior authority colleagues. This session will equip attendees with an understanding of the digital landscape and why content design is important, how it helps their authority and how they can support content design efforts.

As these individuals may not hear about this opportunity from us directly, we’re keen for people to share details with the relevant people in their authorities. If you know someone who would benefit from the session, please direct them to book via our Eventbrite page.

Sharing resources

A great suggestion that came up during the standards, principles and guidelines discussion was whether as a community we could build a repository of research and user stories that authorities could access when looking to create new or improved services. While each authority has its own requirements to meet, many of the underlying needs are the same so this would provide a good starting point for user-centred design.

Some community members are in the process of doing research and creating stories and we hope they will share them when they’re ready. If you want to contribute to building this repository do email digitalteam@wlga.gov.uk to get in touch and let us know what you’re working on!

Want to join?

The next Community of Practice session will be on Tuesday 4th April at 4pm. If you’d like to join, email digitalteam@wlga.gov.uk and we’ll add you to this and future invites. We’ll also add you to the Community of Practice Teams space where you can ask questions and discuss topics outside of the sessions.

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