Digital Transformation Fund – Digital Exclusion Project

Digital Transformation Fund – Digital Exclusion Project

Written by Torfaen Local Authority.

The problem is digital exclusion: partners do not have an evidence-based nor deep understanding of who is digitally excluded and why (e.g. capacity (economic, infrastructure, opportunities etc.) and/or capability (education; use of devices etc)); who is at risk of becoming digitally excluded; and therefore how we can work locally and on a Gwent wide basis with public sector partners (including potentially Gwent Police, Aneurin Bevan and at a regional PSB level) to target interventions to reduce digital exclusion, measure outcomes and ensure the needs of digitally excluded customers are factored into service design activity.

We are limited to explore digital exclusion from the confines of digital inclusion data from our current customers, and national statistics. This provides us a high-level view of digital exclusion, but with limited understanding as to who this affects, how best to provide targeted and impactful support.

You can watch the final show and tell here and view the supporting slide deck here.

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