Local Government Digital Transformation Fund Submissions

Local Government Digital Transformation Fund Submissions

As you may have seen from our previous blog, we are now running the Local Government Digital Transformation Fund. The fund was created in 2018 to maximise and identify opportunities to progress the digital transformation of local government in Wales. This fund was previously managed by the Welsh Government Local Government Transformation team.

We opened for submissions between 18 July and 15 August, and we’ve received 18 submissions for the Fund. We promised to publish the submissions to increase collaboration and to be as transparent as possible, and you can read abridged versions (for brevity) of the submissions here.

What next? 

Now we’ve seen and published the submissions, we want to encourage our partners (such as CDPS and Welsh Government) and councils to ask questions or reply to the submissions. We’d love to see where Authorities or teams have already done work around these problems especially. We also want to gather an idea of how many councils in Wales are currently facing the same or similar problems, and want to express an interest in the specific problems.

What can I do?

If you’d like to comment and discuss the problem statements or add your council’s expression of interest to one of the projects, please comment on the blog or email us at digitalteam@wlga.gov.uk.

You have until 29 August to do this, and we’ll take this information into the commissioning panel stage on 5 September. At the commissioning panel, we’ll be meeting with those who have provided submissions, to clarify points made during the submission phase and get further context and stories about the problem to be solved. After this, we’ll be making decisions on what submissions will receive funding and be communicating these from 7 September.

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